Sleeping kitty


I have never met such a mellow kitten!

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Christmas Eve – Gift to All

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, we decided to stop by a local bookstore with our coffees to look around at the books (and cats).  The Humane Society has a handful of cats you can play with if you so desire. Well, Madeline and I stepped into the cage and this little guy just hopped right onto my lap.  He flopped over, let me rub his belly and started purring.  I knew this wasn’t going to end well…..  We were not in the market for a cat!  Since we lost Mr. Mojo  back in 2008, we had no intentions of getting another cat.  However, this little guy seemed to take to Madeline and even Chris!  You know if Chris is cuddling with a cat, it must be a miracle!  A Christmas Miracle…tee hee

We managed to make it home without the cat.  We got home to ‘discuss’ the matter.  2 hours later, Chris was on his way back to surprise Madeline with a Christmas Eve Cat named Jinx.

Here are some photos of him coming home to his new family

Chris handing Madeline the cat from the garage

What do you mean you went back for the cat?

Lucas & Dad trying to get Jinx to come out from under the couch

Already time to Snuggle on Day 1


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To be a dog


Madeline’s baby…..

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